Brenda Aho Tapuloa

Brenda Aho Tapuloa is a Leadership Consultant and Strategic Advisor, inviting Dreamers on a journey to authentic leadership.

There’s so much power in having the right tools just to navigate life. Leadership tools are not just universal, they’re like the master key that can unlock any door. So many overlook leadership development as something that’s reserved for people who want leadership roles and titles such as managers, executives, CEO’s, pastors, church leaders etc… but it’s not! Every Dreamer who’s willing to bet on themselves should have a leadership toolbox. Leadership tools and resources are for anyone willing to reinvent themselves and move their dreams from thought to action.

I spent most of my adult life talking about my dreams. I knew what my heart wanted, but I didn’t have the courage to start or the discipline to see it all the way through. Every time I got outside of my comfort zone, I’d quit. Before I knew it, 10 years went by and I was still in the exact same place I started…just talking. If only I finished school; if only I’d met “the one”; if only I made more money; if only I could buy a home. I threw an “if only” pity party at the end of every year, and guess what my New Year’s resolution was each year? More talking.

Learning about leadership truly changed my life. The very first lesson I learned, was also the most humbling and unforgettable. I learned that as a leader, my first follower is myself. Yeah, I know…say that again for the people in the back. Would I willingly follow myself? Did my actions match my words? Was I proud of the way I was living my life in that moment? **loudest crickets ever**. My answer to these questions was a flat out NO. Learning about leadership starts with looking in the mirror and being honest with yourself about what you see. I was determined to become the person I would willingly follow; one who had the guts to take risks on herself, one who did the things she said she would do, and one who lifts up others on their journey to their highest vision for themselves.

From experiencing transitional homelessness and credit challenges to now owning a 4 bedroom house; being a single mom with a history of failed relationships, to marrying the man I prayed for most of my life; graduating in my mid 30’s with 2 degrees, and nearly doubling my salary in 2.5 years – my dreams reached heights that I literally only dreamed of, while learning about authentic leadership and adopting the leadership tools that would completely change the way I understood and experienced the world.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from Colorado State University, an Executive MBA from Santa Clara University, and 15 years of professional experience in leadership roles. The paper gives me the credibility to talk about all of the things I love – leadership, business, and innovation; but it’s actually my recovery from the frustrating setbacks and heartbreaking failures that gives me the appetite for it. My highest vision is to connect Dreamers to leadership tools and resources that inspire action!

So, are you ready to learn about authentic leadership and put your dreams in motion today? Are you ready to be the leader you want to follow? Take the risk and bet on yourself – I promise, you are totally worth it!